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EFSA call for data on aspartame

2009-07-10 18:38:13

As the European Food Safety Authority points out in their recent call for data, ?b style="">Based on available scientific evidence, there is broad agreement amongst food authorities throughout the world on the absence of adverse health effects caused by aspartame. Consequently, aspartame is allowed by regulatory authorities for a wide variety of food uses? This is consistent with EFSA抯 re-confirmation of the safety of aspartame in 20061, where EFSA concluded, ?b>There is no need to further review the safety of aspartame.?/i>





Aspartame, first approved for use in Europe in 1979 and by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1981, is a safe and beneficial ingredient.  Its safety has been confirmed repeatedly by independent scientists and regulatory authorities in Europe and around the world.  By providing an excellent sweet taste without calories, aspartame makes a significant contribution to a healthy diet, helping people to avoid overweight and obesity, and their many associated diseases.





There is no significant level of consumer concern about the safety of aspartame.  A small minority of people, when prompted, may say that they are concerned, but that applies to most food ingredients.  Sales of foods and drinks sweetened with aspartame continue to grow.





There are no gaps in the science supporting the safety of aspartame.  Aspartame is one of the most thoroughly tested and scrutinised ingredients in the food supply.  If there were any gaps in the scientific support for the safety of aspartame, there would be much bigger gaps in the scientific support for the safety of practically everything else.





A recent review2 of all studies looking at the effectiveness of aspartame for weight control concluded that a person replacing a serving of caloric drink each day with a low calorie alternative could reduce their weight by 5kg/year.





By providing sweetness without calories, aspartame can make a useful contribution to weight control. For example, a soft drink sweetened with aspartame can have as little as one Calorie per serving.  Low calorie sweeteners are also suitable for diabetics, offering a sweet taste with no impact on insulin and blood sugar levels.


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