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Name:Vitamin A Acetate

Synonyms:all-trans Vitamin A acetate, Retinyl acetate

Molecular Structure: Molecular Formula:C22H32O2

Molecular Weight:328.49

CAS Registry Number:127-47-9


Description: Free-flowing light yellow powder consisting of fine spherical particles.


The spherical particles contain Vitamin A Acetate in droplets of 1­—2μm embedded in a matrix of gum Arabic (E414) and sucrose and coated with starch. The product contains DL-alpha-tocopherol (E307, USP/FCC) as an antioxidant.


The product can be dispersed in cold water to form a table milky emulsion.


Assay: Min.325,000I.U.Vitamin A (=97,500RE) per gram

Absorbance Ratios: Comply with Ph. Eur. and USP

Loss on drying: max.5% (4 hours at 105℃)


The vitamin complies with the current Ph., Eur., USP, FCC monographs.

Particle-size distribution:

100 % smaller than 425μm (40mesh USP)
min. 90% smaller than 250μm (60mesh USP)
max. 15% smaller than 150μm (100mesh USP)

Bulk density: Approx. 0.6g/ml


The product is stabilized with DL-alpha-tocopherol (E307). It is sensitive to moisture atmospheric oxygen, heat and light. The product is stable for at least 30 months. When it it stored in the original containers at room temperature (about 25ºC) with day place.


Food products:

For fortifyingspherical particle products such as baby food, food for children, dietetic foods and dried milk. Also for vitamin mixtures for the food industry. Very suitable for the production of hypoallergenic food products, as it contains no proteins.

Packaging: 5-25kg fibreboard box with AL-PE laminated liner, heat-sealed

Storage: the product should be stored in the original containers at room temperature (about 25℃) with dry place

Shelf life :24 months



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