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Tri-Polyglycerol Mono Stearate


Straw yellow powder or lamellar solid.

Functional uses:

It has the properties which are anti-high temperature and acid fastness. It is kind of hydrophilic glyceryl monostearate. It has high HLB and better emulsification. The ability of TGMS is better than glyceryl monostearate.
It is used as emulsifier, penetrant, stabilizer, quick-dissolving agent, antistaling agent, wetting agent, dispersing agent in ice cream, rice and flour, baked products, sweets, dairy products, and meat.


Dispersive in hot water. Soluble in organic dissolvent such as ethanol or lipid.
Operation method and Use level:
Add PGFE to the water which temperature is above 70℃ and mix them sufficient or mix PGFE in the flour for use. The suggestion of maximum in bread and cake: 0.1g/kg. The suggestion of maximum in ice cream: 3g/kg.

Technical index:
Iodine value (gI2/100g) ≤3.0
Acid value (mgKOH/g) ≤5.0
Sulfate ash % ≤1.0
Saponification value(mgKOH/g) 120—135
Heavy metals (calculated by Pb)% ≤0.001
Arsenic (calculated by As) % ≤0.0003
Melting point(℃) 53—58



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