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Name:  Sucralose

Synonyms: 1,6-Dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-beta-D-fructofuranosyl 4-chloro-4-deoxy-alpha-D-galactose

Molecular Structure:  

Molecular Formula:  C12H19Cl3O8

Molecular Weight:  397.64

CAS Number56038-13-2

EINECS:  259-952-2

Sucralose is the only non-calorie sweetener made from sugar. Now a wide variety of foods and beverages can benefit from its natural sweetness. To meet the various requirements of consumers individual dietary habits such as reduced calorie intake and health maintenance, the food and beverage industry strongly desires a non-calorie sweetener with superior heat resistance and stability. Sucralose, the only non-calorie sweetener made from sugar, meets these needs. With a sweetness about 600 times the strength of sugar, excellent solubility and superior stability, Sucralose can be used to bring a natural sweetness to a wide variety of processed foods and beverages. 

Superior sweetness Because it is made from sugar, Sucralose has a rounded sweetness very close to that of sugar, with almost no bitterness or astringency. High intensity Sucralose is about 600 times as sweet as sugar, although its intensity does fluctuate depending on the type of food to which it is applied. Excellent stability Sucralose shows excellent stability in both powder and aqueous form. Sucralose is especially stable in aqueous solution at pH 7.0 or under. Its high stability in long shelf life foods has been confirmed. It remains stable under high-temperature processing conditions such as retort sterilization. The excellent stability of Sucralose makes it the sweeteners of choice for a wide range of foods and manufacturing processes.


Product name Sucralose
Items Specifications FCCV
Characteristics White crystalline powder
Assay 98.0 % Min
Specific rotation +84.0°to +87.5°
Moisture 2.0 % Max
Ph of 10%Aqucous Solution 5-8
Heavy metals (as Pb) 1mg/kg Max
Methanol 0.1%Max
Ignited residue 0.7% Max
Hydrolysis products Complies
Related substances Complies

Packing: In net 25kg drum, PE bag Inside

Storage: Stored in a dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life: Two years when stored properly in a well-closed container.



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