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Name:  D(+)-Raffinose pentahydrate

Molecular Structure:  

Molecular Formula:  C18H32O16.5(H2O)

Molecular Weight:  594.52

CAS Number:  17629-30-0

Raffinose is the best-known trisaccharide composed of galactose, fructose, and glucose, Widely distributed in higher plants. Raffinose also known as melitose, melitriose and gossypose.
Raffinosecan be broken apart into galactose and sucrose via the enzyme alpha-galactosidase. Humans and other monogastric animals do not possess this kind of enzyme to break down these raffinose family of Oligosaccharides and the raffinose pass undigested through the stomach and the intestine. The proportion of Bacillus bifidus and other beneficial bacteria in the intestine is an important mark to judge the health level of human body. Raffinose is the excellent nutrition source and generation factor of Bacillus bifidus and other beneficial bacteria. It can improve the defecation function and digestion function and promote the body absorption of calcium. Accordingly enhance the human immunity, take effect on disease precaution and anti-aging.
Raffinose is a kind of oligosaccharide generated in sugar beet to protect the plant from freezing damage while the circumstance temperature is extremely low. Procedures concerning cryopreservation have utilized raffinose to provide hypertonicity for cell desiccation prior to freezing, raffinose can be used as stabilizing agent for cryopreservation of animal semen. In addition, Raffinose is also the key component of the conservation transportation liquid for human or animal organs transplantation and the synergist of prolong the survival time of viable organism.

Product name D(+)-Raffinose pentahydrate
Test Items Specifications
Assay (HPLC) 98% Min
Appearance Crystalline powder
Color White
Odor characteristic
Loss on drying 13.0-17.0%
Optical Rotation 105.5°
Particle Size 100% through 30mesh
As 2ppm Max
Total Heavy Metals 10ppm Max
Total plate count 1000CFU/g Max
Yeast and Mold 100CFU/g Ma
Slamonella Negative
E.Colli Negative
Staphylococcus Negative

Packaging: 5kg/carton, packing in aluminum foil-bags and one sealed plastic-bags inside.

Storage: Store in well-closed contaniner, away from moisture, direct light and heat

Shelf life: Two years when properly stored.



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