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Purple Potato Red colour

Properties:Purple sweet potato is extracted from Ipomoea batatas L. Its
main composition include Anthocyanins and other flavonoides. It appears
Red or red-purple liquid or powder. In aqueous solution ,the color is different on its PH value.

Technological Process:

Raw Material →comminute → Immersion in water → Filtering →Purification → Concentration → Killing of Bacteria →Liquid

Quality standard:
item liquid
E (1%,1cm)        528nm ≥5~20
Ash content       % ≤2
Heavy Metal       mg/kg ≤20
As  mg/kg ≤5
Pb mg/kg ≤4
Total  bacteria     /g ≤100
Colon bacillus    /100g ≤30
Pathogenic bacteria none

Usages: Applicable to food, beverages and wine.



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