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´Name: Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Synonyms: Beta-(1,4)-2-deoxy-D-glucose

Molecular Structure:

Molecular Formula: C6H11NO4

Molecular Weight: (161)n

CAS Number: 9012-76-4

Chitosan oligosaccharide has outstanding advantages than chitin and chitosan. Chitosan oligosaccharide is the easily-absorbed substance with high solubility after the specially technological treatment on chitosan. Chitosan oligosaccharide has excellent water solubility, bacteriostasis and antibacterial action as well as properties of chitosan. Chitosan oligosaccharide can be widely used in health care products, biological medicine and daily-use cosmetics.
Its proved that chitosan oligosaccharide is of the functions of improving immunity, restraining growing of cancer cells, accelerating forming of antibody in liver and spleen, stimulating assimilation of calcium and minerals, proliferating sanative bacteria like bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria, decreasing blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar, adjusting cholesterin, losing weight and preventing adult illness etc. Applicable in medicine and functional food field etc.
Chitosan oligosaccharide can obviously eliminate oxygen anion free radical, activate cells of the organism, postpone aging, restrain growing of bad bacteria on skin surface and moisturize. It´s a kind of basic raw material in daily chemical field.
Chitosan oligosaccharide is of water solubility, convenient application, outstanding effect in restrainingbad bacteria, so it´s used as natural preservative of excellent performance.
Chitosan oligosaccharide can effectively improve yield of fruit and vegetables, prevent disease and insect injury, proliferate sanative bacteria in soil and biological fertilizers. Its special function with pesticide and fertilizer determines its wide application in agriculture field.

Item Specification
Appearance Light yellow powder
Moisture 10% Max.
Ash content 1.0% Max.
Insoluble 1.0% Max.
Viscosity 5CPS Max.
Molecular weight 5000; 3000; 10000 Max.
pH (1%) 4 ~ 6

Packing: 25kg/drum



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