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Carthamus yellow


Origin of raw materials: safflower petals, which can be used as tea or drink of Chinese medicine.


2. Belonging to flavone, the product has the function against cancers.
3. The product also has the following functions: It can invigorate the circulation of blood, moisten throat, cure pains, eliminate phyma and dredge blood channels of arteries and veins.
4.Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Production, chroma, function, state:
Product Chroma
(by color content)
unction State
Carthamus yellow Pale-yellow—brown-yellow Water dissoluble Powder
Oil dissoluble Granule


This product can be used in drinks of juice, sweets, cakes, ice creams, jelly, and so on.
Amount to be used: 0.2g/kg.

When using pigments of powder or granule, get a little water, put the exact amount of pigment into the water according to the required amount, and stir the pigment into paste, and finally add required amount of water into the paste. Keep stirring till the paste turns into an ideal liquid. As for oil dissoluble pigment, you can heat the cream or liquid-products (about 30-40 degrees centigrade), and then add the pigment and stirā fully till it can be used.


gment while the water or cream is not so hot. Add the pigment at the last stage of the process. For example, you can add the pigment at the same time when you add the flavor.
3.Keep the pigment off metal iron hydronium.
4. Microorganism will have effect on the pigment.

Package and storage:


①at home: For the powdery or granular pigments, we use double-layered polythene bags as inner packages and paper boxes as outer packages.10kg/box or 15kg/box;For the paste pigments ,we use polythene buckets.10kg/bucket or 20kg/bucket;②abroad: For powdery or granular pigments, we use double-layered polythene bags as inner packages and paper boxes as outer packages. 10kg/box or 15kg/box; for paste pigments, we use polythene buckets. 10kg/bucket or 20kg/bucket;③We also supply packages to meet the customers’ need according to their requirement.


Our natural pigments are none-bacterium, and can be stored for a long period of time if sealed and stored in a shady, dried and ventilative place. The pigment liquid you have prepared should be used within 48 hours. Otherwise, microorganism may affect it and the pigment liquid will turn bad. When you prepare the pigment, you should avoid using metal containers. You should only use innocuous plastic, glass, and stainless steel containers.



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