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Name: Calcium propionate

Synonyms: Calcium dipropionate

Molecular Structure:

Molecular Formula:(C3H6O2)2.Ca;C6H10CaO4

Molecular Weight:186.22

CAS Number:4075-81-4

EINECS: 223-795-8

Calcium propionate is used as a preservative in a wide variety of products, including but not limited to bread, other baked goods, processed meat, whey, and other dairy products. In agriculture, it is used, amongst other things, to prevent milk fever in cows and as a feed supplement .Propionates prevent microbes from producing the energy they need, like benzoates do. However, unlike benzoates, propionates do not require an acidic environment.
Calcium propionate is used in bakery products as a mold inhibitor. Mold contamination is considered a serious problem amongst bakers, and conditions commonly found in baking present near-optimal conditions for mold growth.
According to the Pesticide Action Network North America, calcium propionate is slightly toxic. This rating is not uncommon for food products;vitamin C is also rated by the same standards as being slightly toxic. Calcium propionate can be used as a pesticide.
Calcium propionate has been linked to irritability, restlessness, inattention, and sleep disturbance in children. The Ecologist Online claims that it is linked to allergic reactions in bakery workers.

Calcium propionate enterprise Standars HG-2921-1999
Item Food Grade
Content 99.0%Min
Insoluble Particles 0.30%Max
Free Alkali or Free Acid Has passed the validation
Heating loss 9.5Max
As (As2o2 arsenic oxide) 0.0004%Max
Heavy Metal 0.001%Max
Fluoride (F) 0.003%Max

Uses:Food prevent rot agent and feed mildew inhibitor.

Packing: For the domestic sale:knitted bag,25kgs ;

export:three unite as one to reunite the bag,25kgs .

Storage:Keep in the prevent moisture, avoidance-hot, clean,dry and drafty room. It is cannot and toxical chemical article mix transport or storage.

Shelf life:2 years.



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