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Molecular formula C10H12O

Molar mass 148.2 g mol−1

CAS number [104-46-1]

Anethole (also para methoxy phenyl propene, p-propenylanisole, and isoestragole) is an aromatic compound that occurs widely in nature, in essential oils. It contributes a large component of the distinctive flavors of anise and fennel (both in the botanical family Apiaceae), anise myrtle (Myrtaceae), licorice (Fabaceae), and star anise (Illiciaceae). Closely related to anethole is its double-bond isomer estragole, abundant in tarragon (Asteraceae) and

basil (Lamiaceae), that has a flavor reminiscent of anise. Anethole has numerous commercial uses in multiple industries, and high potential for additional uses.



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