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Agar power

The original producing areas of Agar-agar are Indonesia and Malaysia. It is processed with agar in conventional ways. But agar has several disadvantages as low intensity and poor taste as well as high price. So some manufacturers use refined carrageenan and natural gel strength improver as additives while processing. The product thus has tenacity and smooth texture as well as transparent appearance and bright taste. What is more, it can ba added into with sugar and acid of random amounts, juice and essence of varied flavor as well to fit all kinds of people. And you can also put it into refrigerator before eating to make the products more flavorful and refreshing in summers. As a soluable jelly, especially in boiled water Agar has two states:strip and lowed the density to 1%, Agar can still be relatively stable jelly, thus has an important character in industry, being the necessary materials in Food Industry, Chemaical Industry and Medicine and Sience Research.
In Food Industry, Agar has the following characteristics:Stablizing and coagulating, can be widely used in producing drink, icecream, sugar, canned food, meat products etc, as coagulant, densifying agent, emulsifyingagent, keeping fresh agent, stabilizing agent , floation agent。



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